Don't Let PK Fire Cancel Your Plans

The massive fire at Possum Kingdom Lake has business owners worried about tourist dollars going up in smoke. Despite the blaze, fire officials say it won't be a problem for visitors.

The lake is huge, and only a small portion is affected. "The area that's closed on the lake is just a very small area," said John Nichols with the Texas Forest Service.

Recreation will only be shut down in a few spots. "Its a big lake and there's a lot of recreation stuff that goes on at this lake," Nichols said.

Visitors are still welcome, but there are some things they will need to consider. "Just be aware of the activity and the fact that there are a lot of firefighting resources that are out here and to expect to encounter that and to be patient. If they encounter a task force with engines and dozers and stuff and just let those folks have the space they need to get where they are going," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6