Scam Offering Discounted Goodyear Coupons

The Better Business Bureau is now investigating a scam that Newschannel 6 first heard about by a scam victim.

A tenant from the Grove Apartments was approached by a salesman who was trying to sell coupons for Goodyear worth $500 for the mere price of $50. The tenant first rejected the offer, but after the salesman kept offering her perks, she handed over her credit card information.

Newschannel 6 decided to do some digging into this scam, and found that the company called Bowman Advertising Agency has hit parts of Arizona and Texas.

The City Clerk with Wichita Falls confirms the company does not have a permit to solicit door-to-door. If you are approached by this scam, you are asked to call the police and to keep talking with the salesman until the police show up.

Also, if you happen to give them your credit card information, you're encouraged to cancel your card immediately.