Bad News Bees

The hot temperatures have taken a toll on us all and a lack of productivity is what's buzzing at Texoma bee farms.

"It's just too hot and too dry.  All the wildlife has been suffering so the bees are suffering too," says Jo Breedlove of Breedlove Farms.

Bee populations are having a hard time surviving and Breedlove farms has seen its bee population drop significantly this year.  Workers blame a lack of rain for causing a low food supplies for their bees.

"There's not much for them to be eating.  There are no flowers blooming," says Breedlove.

With little to no nectar available for food, the farm has had to resort to finding other sources of nutrition to keep their bees from dying.

"They buy sugar water that they feed them during the winter and their going to be doing it earlier probably and some little patties they put in the beehives to feed them, to keep them going, keep them alive because we cannot live without the bees," adds Breedlove.

The heat has also been negatively effecting the productivity of worker bees.  The hotter it is, the less energy they have, making their honey crop much lower than it normally would be.  And this problem isn't just at Breedlove Farms.  Several other local beekeepers say their bees produced little to no honey this year and because of that, beekeepers say business with local markets is extremely low.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.