Labor Day Lake Goers Down

Hippie Beach is normally Lake Arrowhead's busiest and most crowded camping site, but this Labor Day holiday it's virtually empty.

"It's been pretty slow," says Assistant Park Superintendent, Keith Gauthier.

Texas Parks and Wildlife says that on a normal Labor Day weekend it's not uncommon to see 200-300 people out enjoying the water and camp sights and normally every site is full.

"We normally book up before the weekend rolls around," adds Gauthier.

Due to the extreme heat that has been plaguing Texoma this summer, water levels have dropped significantly and have taken the amount of boaters down with it.  Lake Arrowhead is currently down to 55% of it's normal capacity.  A drastic difference making some water activities more difficult than usual.

Kimberly Pilgreen, a lake visitor says she's noticed the difference in levels.

"We were actually coming in from being out tubing and as we slowed down to come up to the shore we ran up on something and it was actually a big rock that the water was so low we got stuck on the rock," explains Pilgreen.

With her kids enjoying the holiday with her, Pilgreen says the low levels make her a little nervous.

"I'm an over protective mom, a little too worried about it being shallow," she says.

However, for Pilgreen and her family the quiet waters and camp site have made for a peaceful holiday.

"It's been actually very peaceful, very enjoyable, we've had a great time," she says.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.