Temps Cool, Economy Red Hot This Labor Day

While the talk in Washington is all about growing jobs and fixing the economy, the economy in Texoma does not seem to be broken. Newschannel 6 hit the streets on Labor Day to take the pulse of the economy and see what business managers and customers thought.

At Ashley Furniture HomeStore, business was booming. The store was, like many retail outlets, in the middle of a Labor Day sale. "People seem to be really excited about spending money… We've been doing really well, and we're excited," said General Manager Michael Covington.

Covington saw his store packed with shoppers, among them were Lawton newlyweds Joe and Ostyn Abshere. They took the holiday to fill in the gaps between wedding gifts for their new home. "Neither one of us is working today, so it gives us a chance to get out together and look at things together and see if we can make the home look a little better," said Joe.

Joe's family runs a Lawton drive-inn, so he has seen firsthand the effects of the national economy on Texoma business. He feels we're insulated from some of the coastal woes. "I think that we're a little bit sheltered here in the center of the United States," he said. Covington agrees "I don't know if we're under an umbrella, or if we're immune to it, but I tell you, were not feeling it here," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6