Troopers Light up Highways during Labor Day

Department of Public Safety Troopers issued thousands of citations this Labor Day Holiday weekend. Troopers were on every highway on the lookout for all kinds of violations. Newschannel 6 Crystal Hall rode along with Safety Education Trooper and PIO Tony Fulton to get a first hand glimpse at how busy they are.

On a highly trafficked holiday, it's not the sound of cars that catches your attention, but a citation being processed and there were plenty. In the few hours I traveled with DPS Trooper Tony Fulton he pulled over nine cars, eight of the nine for driving too fast.

"These types of holidays we expect there are going to be more citations issued." said Trooper Fulton. "We're looking for the people that are driving over the speed limit, the people that are drinking and driving and those that are not wearing their seat belts."

Last year Troopers issued 12,065 speeding citations; 2,056 seat belt and child restraint tickets; and 1,943 no insurance citations; and made 718 arrests for driving while intoxicated.

"There are certain things that just stand out that pretty much anyone not just law enforcement officials would see. If it looks like they're driving erratically or anything like that, that would draw our attention."

While it was a busy day for Trooper Fulton it was also a safe one. He didn't issue any DWI arrests during the ride-along, only tickets.

The extra patrols and hours troopers worked are funded through a TXDOT grant.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.