Good Samaritan Saves House from Fire

It was 3 a.m. Saturday morning when Cassia Swinney says she was woken up by the loud sound of someone banging on her front door.  Cassia and her family had all been sound asleep with no idea of what was happening in their front yard.

"When I looked through the peep hole I saw this yucca plant was on fire and the flames were way up almost to the eves underneath my sons bedroom window," said Swinney.

She then opened her door to another surprise.

"There was a man outside asking me to turn the water hose on so he could put the fire out," she said.

Confused and disoriented from having just been asleep, Cassia said the stranger patiently explained to her that he needed a hose to dose the flames that were overtaking her plants.

"We were sound asleep.  We would have probably been hurt and definitely lost part of our house or all of our house," she said.

The stranger told Cassia his motorcycle had broken down and as he was pushing his bike down the road he noticed the flames in her front yard.

"He was very, very polite.  Mr. Rodney Allison was his name, he was just a great neighbor and a good samaritan that we need more of.  I don't know if there's thanks enough for this man," said Swinney.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.