State Representative Returns To Wichita Falls

Texas State Representative Lanham Lyne has returned to Wichita Falls.
He spoke Wednesday at Luby's in an event hosted by the League of Women Voters sharing his thoughts on the economy and Texas Legislature.
This was Representative Lyne's first ever legislative session.
Newschannel 6 talked to him during the event. We asked him about how he feels the economy is fairing in Texas.
"Things have been going well here, but this type of recession is one that fits all across the country and you have places that are almost as high as 20 percent unemployment down to some that around 6 percent it's just a tough time for everybody," said Representative Lyne.
We also asked him about what he learned about the legislative process in Texas.
"It's a slow process. It's meant to be slow," says Representative Lyne. "It's designed to kill bills which is fine, but sometimes you have to get outside the box a little bit because you can't just nip around the edges. You've got to make some hard decisions, hard changes and that's what's coming up to face us now."
His over all take on his first session was understandable. There was a long and tough budget process. Controversial bills and a called special session.
Representative Lyne told us, "Well the first year and this was a difficult year, and from talking with people who have been there for a long time this is the most difficult year they have seen and it's been the most contentious year they've seen. So it was very difficult from that stand point but i know that going in, it wasn't like it was a big surprise."