Wichita Falls Citizens Invited to Speak Out About City Signage

The City of Wichita Falls and Pride in the Falls are seeking vital input from area residents to help plan for updates and changes to informational signage located in and around City parks, the Circle Trail System, MPEC, downtown, points of interest and other areas that attract visitors to Wichita Falls.

Three meetings will be held at the Wichita Falls Public Library, 11th and Indiana, in Room 205 to accommodate the busy schedules of area residents:
Meeting 1           Monday, September 12, 3:00pm-4:00pm
Meeting 2           Monday, September 12, 6:00pm-7:30pm
Meeting 3           Tuesday, September 13, 12 noon-1:30pm

The change comes after studies indicated that it is difficult for visitors and new residents to find their way around the City, due to outdated or nonexistent signage in key areas of interest.

With input from citizens gathered during the scheduled public meetings, a hired firm will design a new family of signage that is clear and leads people off the expressways to local businesses, attractions, restaurants, parks and points of interest.

Participants are asked to call 723-2741 to confirm which meeting they plan to attend so organizers can prepare discussion materials.