Lanham Lyne Not Seeking Re-Election For State House

State Representative, and former Wichita Falls Mayor, Lanham Lyne has decided not to seek a second term to the Texas House of Representatives.

Rep. Lyne sent a statement to Newschannel 6 explaining his decision. He stated, "After much thought, prayer, and discussion with my wife and family, I am announcing that I will not seek re-election to the House of Representatives.  I have spent the past seven years in public office and enjoyed it immensely; however I believe I now need to focus on my family while continuing to serve my community.  I have always felt a strong obligation and responsibility as a citizen to be involved in our government while encouraging others to get involved.
"I truly appreciate all of the support Sharla and I have received and want to thank the people of District 69 and the many people who have supported me here and in Austin.  I could not have served as ably without them."

Rep. Lyne began his term as a state lawmaker in January 2011.

He served as Mayor of Wichita Falls from May 2005 until January 2010.