Explaining 9-11 to Kids

Mrs. Castillo's 3rd grade class visited Fire Station # 2 Friday afternoon to bring a gift of thanks to our firefighters.

"This fire station comes to our school every year so it was really neat for them to be able to come here and give them something," says Mrs. Castillo, teacher at Washington Jackson Elementary.

All of the children in this class are too young to have witnessed the events of September 11th, but their teacher has made an effort to not let the kids forget this part of our history.

"Even though they are so young it's never too early to start introducing this important subject of history and introducing how a community can come together and turn it into a positive thing," adds Castillo.

Mrs. Castillo says that bringing the facts down to the children's level was the best way to get across the message.

"We started off just very positive talking about heroes and talking about how they are special people in our community that help out.  Most of them knew that planes crashed into the twin towers, that was about all that they knew," she adds.

Now after getting a better understanding of what so many brave Americans did on 9-11 the children say the firefighters are their heroes.

"I love them and I thank them for all the hard work that they did.  They did the good thing to move the people out the way.  I'm proud and I'm happy," Castillo's students add.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.