Congressman Mac Thornberry Speaks About Jobs Bill

President Barack Obama unveiled his jobs plan during an address to the nation Thursday evening. He's now working to gain support for the bill from voters and lawmakers.

Congressman Mac Thornberry spoke to Newschannel 6 about the President's plan. Thornberry said he doesn't want to see taxes go up. "Well I'm not for more stimulus spending, because again that has proven not to create jobs and actually be harmful to the economy. But we don't know how the president plans to pay for it other than increase taxes on oil and gas companies which he mentioned again in the speech. So a crucial part of this is it looks like the president wants to raise taxes on small businesses at the same he wants to give certain credits if they do what he wants them to do and so that give with one hand take is another part of the concern we will have with part of our approach."

Thornberry also talked about if he believes Congress will take any action on getting Americans back to work. "It's not the government that create jobs, it creates economic growth, it's the private businesses. We have to look at what the government is doing to make it harder for private businesses to do what they want to do, which is grow and expand and hire people."

Newschannel 6 also asked Congressman Thornberry if he thinks the American people have lost faith in Congress to take action because of partisan politics. "I think there is very little confidence in government as a whole. To set aside politics, to try to do what's right, and part of that comes from a divided government with different opinions about what's good for the country. But part of it comes from I think a very slow economic growth trouble the economy is in. I think the key is you don't worry about the polls too much and just got to keep working to try to bring us out of this."

Congressman Thornberry also spoke about the Republican parties plan to reduce unemployment. "We are going to try to repeal or stop a regulation every week from now until the end of the year. So trying to slow down these regulations is one thing. We are going to focus on getting our fiscal house in order with things like a vote on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. So that this mountain of debt, that is also around small businesses, can be relieved somewhat and we're going to look at specific tax provisions that could help get the federal government off small businesses so that they can grow the way they want."