New Information: Man Shot by Wichita Falls Police Officer Still Hospitalized

We are learning more about the second police-involved shooting this year for the Wichita Falls Police Department.

Around 9:20 PM Saturday night the Wichita Falls Police Department received a 911 call about shots being fired in front of an apartment complex in the 1100 block of Austin.

Sgt. Brian Sheehan, 41, told dispatchers via radio he was in the area and would check it out.

When Sheehan got to the scene, he found people arguing in the street. One man started walking away. Witnesses told Sheehan the man had a gun. Sheehan saw the gun and told the man to stop. Witnesses told Police the man kept walking and Sheehan followed.

The man got to the front door of an apartment when Sheehan caught up with him, according to Police.  They say the man turned to point the gun at Sheehan. The Sergeant fired one shot, entering his abdomen, exiting then hitting the suspect in the arm.

Jamell Donuell Brooks, 31, was transported to United Regional with non-life threatening injuries. He is under guard and will face the charge of Aggravated Assault - enhanced by the victim being a public servant. That is a 1st degree felony. He was still in the hospital Tuesday.

Members of the WFPD Criminal Investigation Section are investigating. Police say a weapon was recovered from the scene.  Several subjects were transported to the WFPD for questioning. One of the witnesses was arrested for an unrelated outstanding warrant for possession of marijuana - bond forfeiture.

A separate investigation has been launched by the WFPD Office of Professional Conduct into Sgt. Sheehan's actions. That is standard procedure in an incident like this, according to Police. Sheehan has served on the WFPD since January 1995. He has worked in the canine division.

The last police-involved shooting for the department was in July. Prior to that they hadn't had one since 2007.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6