Local Red Cross Learns from Bastrop Fire

Wildfires in Bastrop county are creating more damage. The number of destroyed homes has now risen to more than 1,500 with thousands of charred acres. Hundreds of miles away the North Central Texas Red Cross is making an impact in Bastrop. Several staff members have been there for more than a week, serving different roles. Newschannel 6 learned the agency is benefiting from the Bastrop fire.

As flames continue to scorch land and homes across Central Texas relief is coming in all sorts of forms. The North Central Texas Red Cross is part of the efforts. The agency deployed four workers, two of whom recently left for Tyler fires. The workers have been in Bastrop County for days, not only offering help to fire victims but passing on knowledge back home.

"They'll call and say I found a new form. I found a new way of doing something. I learned that we should never do this. That didn't work," said Executive Director of the North Central Texas Red Cross.

They have an eagerness to help people and learn how to better help victims. Because of the severe home devastation Katrina Farmer says they'll come out better prepared on how to aid victims in our own backyard.

"When they go out to these larger incidents, besides being able to help out that other community, it strengthens our response here through the training they receive while they're there," she said.

She says this year has been extremely busy, not only locally but nationally. Members have traveled all across the country to provide relief with natural disasters, and despite the busyness they're coming out ahead.

"This year unfortunately we have gotten very good at what we do because of the stuff that we've done."

From floods to raging wildfires these natural disasters have better prepared them for whatever hazard may lie ahead.

If you're interested in helping the victims of the Bastrop County fire we have information for you. Click here for information on distribution centers and here to donate to the Central Texas Red Cross.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.