Bowie High School New Outdoor Learning Plans

Bowie High School has had to make budget adjustments like many other schools, but that isn't keeping school leaders from making improvements that will benefit students.

"I'm excited because were going to have so much more of an opportunity for our school," says Bowie student Shelby Heugatter.
Construction for a brand new outdoor learning pavilion is underway on the high school campus.  While it's expected to cost over $3,000 not a cent will come from tax payers or the Bowie ISD.

"There's really not a lot of extra money in the school districts right now and I don't think we could do this at all if we didn't have this help," says Agriculture Science teacher Monty Moeller.

The help comes from grants.  Monty Moeller and other teachers in the Agriculture Department at Bowie High School have explored the financial resources that many education grants have to offer.  They have even found grants that are specific to education in the outdoors.

"There are a lot of organizations that realize each year the number of students that are getting outdoors and learning outdoor education is dwindling and I think it's probably due to the Gameboys and things like that.  They want to stay indoors so there's a lot of groups that are willing to put the money forward and that's what were doing here, it was all funded by grants," says Moeller.

The site has been leveled with construction beginning soon and already the grant money is helping out.
"We've been fortunate to receive a couple of those already on this and we're in the process of trying to receive some more grants," adds Moeller.

The pavilion will face the lake on campus, increasing opportunities for environmental learning.

"I think having them in a different environment besides in the classroom, I think it'll give those kids an opportunity to see the practicality of the lessons that we're teaching.  I think that's a big part of teaching is keeping things practical," says Bryan Chisholm, teacher in the Agriculture Department.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.