Bellevue Fire Evacuees

It was a normal day at home for Monica Garcia.  She was folding laundry when she noticed smoke outside her window.  The massive fire that started near Bellevue had spread dangerously close to her home.

"I started throwing stuff in the car, my four dogs, my kid was crying and freaking out and I put him in the car and put the boxes in and about that time the Sheriff came and said you have to leave," said Monica Garcia, a homeowner who's home was in danger.

Monica scrambled to gather her family's belongings that couldn't be replaced, like photographs and important documents.  She did this with her young son in tow, the two of them terrified of what they saw moving toward their street.

"He saw the flames, he says mommy I see the flames the fire is big.  He was crying in the car and didn't now what was going on and I was obviously upset and crying and we were just trying to get out," recounted Garcia.

Just a few houses down another mother and child scrambled to get down the road and out of harms way.
 Tammy Duke, Garcia's neighbor said, "It was very scary, it's happened before but you don't get used to anything like that.  When somebody tells you its two miles away and coming at you, you run."

Fire fighting crews saved their homes and as Monica and Tammy's families were able to return home late last night, news quickly began to spread that the fire was being investigated as arson.

"It makes me very angry, very angry that somebody would do that purposefully after all we've been through out here and as dry as it is.  I've talked to several of my friends that live out here and it makes them angry too," said Duke.
In a way this fire did make these residents thankful, relieved to come home after such a scary day.

"As soon as I came home I hugged my post I said I didn't think you'd be here," added Duke.

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Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.