Is Wichita Falls #1?

The web site came out on Wednesday and decided that Wichita Falls was the "Most Suffering City" of the 2011 summer. Many who survived the sizzle of 2011 in Wichita Falls would likely agree. However despite the fact that records were broken right and left there was a city in Texas that was actually hotter. The Falls hit it's 100th day of 100 degrees or better on Tuesday September 13th. Normally in a year the city sees only 28 days of triple digit heat. Laredo, Texas is about to set it's own record. On Thursday September 15th Laredo is expected to hit it's 115th day of 100 degree heat. That will break a record set in 1998. So it's up to you, was Wichita Falls the "Most Suffering City"? Or does Laredo, as some of you posted on our Facebook page, need to send Satan his weather back?