Ex-Marine Honored For Saving 36 In Afghanistan

LOUISVILLE, KY. (AP) - A Kentucky man who was once told by a military recruiter that he could never be a Marine is about to receive the military's highest award.

Dakota Meyer will be awarded the Medal of Honor today for charging through heavy gunfire on five death-defying trips to rescue comrades ambushed by insurgents in Afghanistan in September 2009. President Barack Obama will bestow the medal on Meyer at a White House ceremony.

In all, the 23-year-old Meyer saved 36 lives - those of 13 Marines and Army soldiers along with 23 Afghan soldiers - all while providing cover for troops during a six-hour firefight with the Taliban. Meyer personally killed at least eight insurgents, despite being wounded himself.
He left the military after tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meyer shared a beer with Obama yesterday on a patio outside the Oval Office.