Wichita Falls ISD SAT Scores Behind State Average

SAT scores for Wichita Falls ISD are below both the sate and national scores in all categories.

However school leaders say results also show that the ISD followed the same state and national trend of increased participation.

READING: national-497; state-479; district- 475
MATH: national-514; state-502; district-469
WRITING: national-489; state-465; district-464

"While last month district ACT scores outperformed national scores, the SAT scores are just below state results.  Like here, the national and state scores dipped. We will continue to encourage SAT prep and college opportunities available for all students through summer PSAT camps, weekly SAT tutorials, the Academic Success Program, high school counselors and college-career counselors at each of the high schools.. However, I am pleased that more students are looking at college and taking either the SAT or ACT.  The increased participation is something the district has worked towards for all students," said Dr. George Kazanas.