American Eagle Plane Evacuated On WF Airport Runway

Smoke filled the cockpit of an American Eagle plane landing at Wichita Falls Municipal Airport Sunday afternoon. Those fumes forced passengers off the aircraft as soon as it stopped on the runway.
Sara Johnson with the Municipal Airport tells Newschannel 6 as that incoming American Eagle flight landed, the pilot reported fumes in the cockpit. Once the plane came to a stop it was evacuated on the runway. No one was injured and passengers were transported to the terminal.
Johnson said a mechanical problem is to blame. An investigation is underway.
The scare also forced the cancellation of the last flight that was headed to Dallas.
We spoke with a passenger who was to be on that plane.

American Eagle passenger Matthew Kornegay said, "I mean there was smoke in the planes cockpit. I mean they should have seen something was wrong with it. But, I'm not a plane technician and I'm sure a lot of people here are not so I can't really judge them on that. It is a big inconvenience and I think a lot of the people here would agree."

Airline mechanics are going over the plane to try and determine where the fumes came from. The aircraft has been taken out of service.

Late Sunday night an American Eagle spokesperson told Newschannel 6 that mechanics went over the plane and did not find anything wrong with it.