Burk Campground Sees Major Storm Damage

All across Texoma areas saw some much-needed rain, but Burk residents saw more than that: gusty winds upwards of 70 miles an hour; uprooted trees; and flattened storage sheds. One area in particular was hit especially hard.

The Burkburnett/Wichita Falls KOA experienced some major damage from the straight-line winds. Toppled trees and toppled sheds, a 1,000 square foot shed was completely knocked down. Saturday's storm did nothing but damage to this campground.

 "Probably close to $100,000," said Campground owner, Jack McMullen.

He was inside the office when the storm hit, he didn't know what to expect but he surely didn't imagine the damage he would later see.

"After it stopped raining we got out and looked around and saw it did damage to one of the RVers here and a couple of the other RVs were damaged and some limbs were out in the street," he said.

A short drive around the grounds and you could see exactly what he is talking about. One RV was struck by Jack's shed and further down the park an awning collapsed.

Brenda Sears and her husband made it inside their RV just three minutes before the storm struck after coming back from a trip to Colorado.

'We just rode it out in the trailer, but it was pretty scary," said Sears.

For hours there was no electricity for many guests and running water was shutoff. It was just wind and rain, but from the looks of it you'd think it was a tornado that swept through the campground, taking what it could.

 "We'll start rebuilding and get it back up, it's just part of the thing," said McMullen.

Jack McMullen said he had to turn people away on Saturday night because there was not electricity or running water.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.