UPDATE:Man Involved In The Iowa Park Standoff Not Facing Charges

The 58 year old who threatened suicide in Iowa Park Monday will not face any charges.

The 2.5 hour police standoff ended peacefully. At 3:30pm on Monday Iowa Park Police received a phone call about a suicide attempt at Oscar Park. A man was locked inside a vehicle with a 45 caliber pistol. With the help of several agencies no one was injured.

Wichita County Sheriff David Duke and the Iowa Park Police Chief both told Newschannel 6 a good relationship between agencies is key to handling these situations.

Troopers, deputies and officers, all agencies who worked together to get everything under control while keeping people safe. Iowa Park Police Chief Robert Johnson knows that his team is small so when he heard about the standoff at Oscar Park he knew he needed backup.

"Being a small agency we don't always have people to send to specialized training and so we really do rely on situations like this on our Sheriff's Department," said Chief Johnson.

Immediately when Wichita County Deputies were called on scene a plan was in motion.

"The main thing is to lock down the neighborhood roads and that takes a lot of different patrol units and that's where all three agencies come together," said Sheriff Duke.

Negotiators from the Sheriff's Office were on scene speaking with the suspect over the phone for quite sometime, often putting their own life on the line.

"Sometimes it works real well like this one did, other times it take longer or sometimes it can end with a gunfire of somebody actually taking their own life or attempting to take the life of one of the officers or deputy," said Duke.

And thanks to specialized hostage negotiating training and a great relationship between all three agencies a situation that could have ended badly brought everyone together as one team.

"Nobody got hurt. No citizens got hurt. The man that was in despair didn't get hurt. Our officers were safe, so for us it worked out perfectly," said Chief Johnson.

After the suspect was taken into custody he was sent to a Wichita Falls Hospital to be looked at. Sheriff David Duke said he was 58-years-old and just a very depressed individual. The standoff ended at 6pm. Law enforcement tells Newschannel 6 the cost of the standoff is not considered anything out of routine expenses for the police department.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.