Newschannel 6 Facebook Friends Struggle to Identify Texas Mystery Animal

Texomans are trying to guess what kind of animal this is in the picture on the right (click to view at full size.)

This is what the individual who uploaded the photo to CBS affiliate KTAB in Abilene wrote along with the picture.
"Okay this little creature was found in Breckenridge TX.... this is just a baby the mom or whatever is the size of a cat and these are hatching underneath a woman's house..the mom bit her and her fingers turned black she went to hospital and the venom was sent off and came back reptilian...we would appreciate any help yall can give on tryin to figure out what this creepy thing is...
P.S. It has the body of a caterpillar but moves like a snake and yall can clearly see the head and arms and fingers.." by
Brittany Whitt

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