Wichita Falls Mother Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancer

A Wichita Falls woman is going to take another big step in a courageous journey. Jennifer Cartwright's son has cancer and she is on a mission to bring help to other families fighting the same battle.

Jennifer Cartwright and her husband's lives changed forever on their son's second birthday. That is the day they found out Zach had cancer.

Jennifer Cartwright tells Newschannel 6, "That was the day our world changed forever. That was our day. Our Monday was June 1st of 2009. That was the day that changed everything."

Their son Zach was diagnosed with a rare form of stage four childhood cancer called RhabdomyosaComa. A cancer so rare treatment and medications were not even up to date. Immediately Zach started treatment in the metroplex, but Jennifer says all the intense 
radiation and chemo on Zach's tiny fragile body really took its toll.  

Jennifer says, "His belly was just raw and red and scarred over for months. Now he will not grow right, he will not use the bathroom right, and it will be that way for the rest of his life."

Zach is in remission now and Jennifer feels she needs to pay it forward in a big way. She says it was other families in the same situation that gave her hope.

Now Jennifer has joined the 46 Mommas Organization and will be shaving her head in the middle of Union Station in Washington D.C. to raise awareness.   

Jennifer comments, "To be one of those 46 my child didn't have a choice, he was going to lose his hair when he started treatment. I have a choice and I won't wear a cap, I won't wear a wig, I choose to be bald to make a statement and raise awareness."

And Jennifer wants to spread the word to other families to be educated. Jennifer says, "Do not assume you now the facts. Do not assume you know what is going to happen cause one day it could be your child. Watch for signs and if you think something is wrong take your child in."

Jennifer tells Newschannel 6 as of June 2011 her son Zach has been in remission for one year.

To help Jennifer celebrate raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer you can click here to donate on the 46 mommas website.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6