Drought Clean Up

The extreme Texas drought has dried up almost everything in it's path, lowering water supply and bringing down cattle sales, but with all of the damage this dry weather has produced there seems to be at least one helpful thing its doing, allowing for pond clean-up's.

"We're cleaning out a lot of the top soil, silt that's run off from years past.  These ponds only last approximately ten years.  They silt in and then there's no water capacity," says Miller Dozer employee, Keith Ledrick.

Many ranchers have enlisted the help of bulldozer companies like Miller Dozer to scrape away years of silt build up, a process that is necessary for the long life of a pond, but not always possible.

"In remote areas where there's not city water or municipal water, well this is the only water they rely on and a lot of people have sold their cattle due to no water and running out of grass,"adds Ledrick.

Parched ponds like this one are nearly impossible to clean out when full with water, but with dry weather persisting for a little while longer many ranchers are racing to get their ponds excavated while they are still dry.

"There has been a lot of people calling and we just put them on a list and get to who we can," Ledrick says of the customer calls.

By cleaning out the silt build up the life of a pond is not only extended, but it also makes room for increased water capacity, a necessity for livestock and agriculture needs.

"If this is cleaned out it might have six or eight feet of water in it, but as it is now it wouldn't have two feet so therefore next year it would be subject to dry up a lot quicker," concludes Ledrick.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.