Vernon's Wind Powered Future

The City of Vernon is looking to the skies. They are working to save money on electricity at the wastewater plant by installing a wind turbine manufactured by Vernon-based Tangarie Alternative Power. The project goes beyond the energy savings. Its designed to also show off the local product as local leaders look to the future.

The cost savings are a great feature for the city. "It will save us money on our utility bills, in fact what we don't use we can put back on the grid," said Mayor Jeff Bearden.

However the benefits of demonstration are even greater. "It will work as a light industrial demonstration project for the value of vertical wind energy," said Bearden. Something Tangarie leader Debe Besold is happy to see. "It really showcases and again shows that we're not just a company that exists in town but we're also showing what the product can do so people have a firsthand knowledge (of the product)," she said.

As her company soars, she will be able to hire more staff. Those who work at the company are excited about the future. "Its fun working on them. Its a new job every day," said Supervisor Matthew Thiele. Others that work hard on the turbines are thrilled to have their fine craftsmanship on display. Becky Rogers does the painting and assembly on the machines. "To have my work out there, yea its exciting," she said.

As the city looks to the skies for power, they are looking to green energy to make them a development powerhouse. "It shows other green companies that our community is open to that and we're very supportive of that," said Development Corporation of Vernon President and CEO Sean Stockard.

Already, Tangarie is getting noticed on the world stage. "What's exciting is we are starting to get global interest, so it shows that Vernon is ahead of the curve globally," said Besold.

"As we look at alternatives like wind solar and others we certainly want to be a part of it," said Bearden. Meaning that in Vernon, the sky is not the limit; rather a good place to start.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6