Drought Cost Impact: Hunting & Fishing Losses

"There's usually a lot of people out here, anywhere from five to ten maybe twenty people," says Jerry Spangler, who is used to fishing with a big crowd and an even larger catch.

"When fishing was real good we were catching a lot of times maybe twenty or twenty five fish."  But today he's lucky to even catch one.

The state of Texas relies heavily on the money that hunting and fishing brings in.  Hunting alone comes up to about $ 4.2 billion per year.  With the damage the drought has brought to our ecosystem it's hard to tell just what kind of year economically hunting and fishing will produce, but at least for hunting it looks like things could be close to normal.

"Judging by the way dove season was, it was a good turn out.  If deer season is anything like dove season has been we should have a pretty good year," says Wichita County Game Warden, Steven Cantu.

But hunters will ultimately be the deciding factor.  When it comes to fishing, low lake levels and water temperature make it obvious that its taken a hit.

"Before we could fish nine to ten feet deep, now were having to fish about four feet deep,"says Spangler.

But Warden Cantu remains hopeful for the future.  "As far as the economy goes in fishing, getting out there recreational fishing its been a lot slower, but its not something that we cant recover from."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.