Special Last Meals Over For Death Row Inmates

HOUSTON (AP) - Texas prison officials say they're stopping special last meals for condemned inmates facing execution after an elaborate request from a convicted killer in a notorious dragging death prompted complaints from a prominent state senator.

Sen. John Whitmire told prisons director Brad Livingston Thursday he wanted the "ridiculous" and "inappropriate" practice ended or he'd seek a state statute banning the "last meal
of choice." Livingston agreed and said the practice was ending immediately.

Whitmire's ire was raised by the final meal request from Lawrence Russell Brewer, who was executed Wednesday night for his role in death of James Byrd Jr. Among other items, Brewer requested two chicken fried steaks, a triple cheeseburger, a pound of barbecue and a pint of ice cream. Prison officials said he didn't eat any of it.