Thornberry Votes For EPA Bill

Congressman Mac Thornberry voted for a bill which passed by a vote of 249 to 169. This bill requires the federal government to evaluate the impact of certain EPA regulations on jobs, consumers, small businesses, state and local government, and agriculture. Representative Thornberry said in a statement, "This bill says that trend is over because now they must evaluate the cost of any new regulation compared to any benefit. He continued with, "Bureaucrats in Washington and the excessive red tape they create are part of our job problem in this country, and the House is doing its best to change that situation."

The bill would establish an interagency committee to estimate the overall economic impact of regulations developed in the name of "global warming." In the statement Thornberry went on to add that House Republicans are planning weekly votes this fall in an effort to repeal, reduce, and rein in other federal regulation that they believe are hurting Americans.