Disney Dreams Come True for Texoma Kid

A national radio DJ is sending a Texoma boy to the 'happiest place on Earth'. 66th Grader Ryan Walker was selected as one of Kidd's Kids by the producers of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Kidd's Kids is a program that sends children with special needs to Disney World for a week, all expenses paid.

The family was meeting with 'Psycho Shanon' Murphy from the show – they thought it was just an interview for possible selection. Then came a knock on the door Saturday. They met with excitement balloons and DJ's from 92.9 NIN, with Program Director Chris Calloway letting them know they had been selected.

"I'm ecstatic!" said Ryan. His parents were very pleased as well. As the family sat in the living room of their home, doing radio interview for the show, the atmosphere was of jubilation.

Things were not always that bright. Ryan has been dealing with Epilepsy since elementary school. It forced his family to deal with some pretty dark times. "Seeing your little one go completely unconscious and fall on the floor and start having a seizure is probably the worst thing I can imagine for a parent to go through," said Ryan's Dad Daniel Walker. "Its been a long road you just never knew when he was going to fall down and have a seizure," said Ryan's Mom, Jessica Walker.

Some of the kids at Ryan's school have been mean to him because of his different abilities. "They call me names, they push me, they do all kinds of stuff," Ryan recounted. "They don't know how bad it hurts for a child with a disability to be picked on," said Jessica. Daniel says its not in his son's nature to fight back. "He's real tame, he's got a real good heart, he's not going to pick back, he's going to pretty much take it," he said.

Now, thanks to the national DJ, Ryan has found a happy place – the happiest place on Earth. Ryan was excited about going to the Hollywood Studios Park. "The place I want to go the most is Animal Kingdom," he said.

For a family that has been through so much, the trip is a welcome relief. "To get awarded a fantastic opportunity like this is really beyond belief. I'm still in shock over it," said Daniel. "I'm so excited about going to Disney World. It is the best dream ever," exclaimed Jessica.

As Ryan packs his bags to go, he knows he won't have to face his bullies or his illness – at least for a while. "I have never been so excited in my whole entire life! This has been the greatest experience I have ever witnessed," he said.

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is a nationally syndicated radio program based in Dallas. This is the first time a Wichita Falls family has been picked as part of Kidd's Kids. You can hear the show weekday mornings from 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. on 92.9 NIN. 

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6