Holiday Hiring Begins

We're not even in October but it seems retailers are already on the hunt to hire for the holidays. Two recent hiring reports came out and they paint two different pictures. One says hiring will stay the same, the other calls the hiring forecast the best its seen in four years.

Newschannel 6 spoke with several different businesses to get an idea on the hiring forecast for the falls.

On any given day at local staffing agencies and Texas Workforce Solutions, people come in, grab a computer and start applying. For the past few weeks that's what Courtney Thompson has been doing. She has a CNA license but is unable to find a position in that field. So she came to Workforce Solutions eager to find a job that will give her a steady paycheck.

"I don't mind working at WalMart or Target or any of that, but I prefer to have a CNA job," she said.

Kerry Beaver, store manager at Target says it's applications like Courtney's that are pouring into his store.

"The quality of applications has been better for us this year so that has been a positive for us," said Beaver.

Retailers across the nation are already looking at holiday hires. Toys R Us recently announced the company will hire more than 40,000 seasonal employees and locally Target plans on adding about 50 new staff members.

"We're pretty active with it now and we become much more active with it in October."

And its not just retailers.

"Our main hiring process would be through manufactures and they'll hire people from us to come in and do inventory and general clean-up while their production people are actually off enjoying the holidays," said Bruce Boyd with Spherion Staffing Services.

Spherion Staffing Services has slowly seen positions trickle in for the holidays.

"We've seen a little more this year compared to last year."

With Texas unemployment lingering at 8.5 percent it's easy to get discouraged, but with the good news coming from retailers it's enough to keep Courtney encouraged.

"Just keep your head up high."

Kerry Beaver with Target says what stands out for him when it comes to getting a job is availability on your part.

We also spoke with Best Buy and Kohl's who both say they project the same number of hires as last year.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.