Pumpkin Shortage Across Texas

Smith's Gardentown Farms may have pumpkins for sale now, but they weren't easy to come by.

"Our first source actually ran out of jack-o-lanterns so we've had to go to another source to try to find them and we've actually had other nurseries calling us trying to find where they may be able to purchase," says Greg Pollock.

Greg Pollock, manager at the nursery says that pumpkin supplies have been a little harder to find this year and finding quality fruit has proved to be even harder.

"Usually not a problem and they are usually a lot larger actually.  They are kind of small this year, normally we can get them sometimes twice that size," Pollock says.

Even Floydada, TX the Pumpkin Capital of the U.S. hasn't been able to live up to it's name.  Due to dry weather conditions Pumpkin Pyle, Smith's Gardentown's usual supplier was only able to harvest about 1/3 of it's nearly 400 acre field.  The lack of fruit has taken a harvesting process of three weeks down to just three days.  Local pumpkin patches say we may see a change in pricing.

"We have a new shipment of pumpkins that just came in and so we may see a little bit of a price increase," adds Pollock.

Pumpkin Pyle usually ships it's crop out to pumpkin patches, but say this year they were forced to cancel orders for about 100 customers, that's 3/4 of their business. 
Pollock says, "I do advise that if people want pumpkins to get them pretty soon, probably within the next couple weeks because they may not be there close to Halloween."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.