Dogs Go Missing in Wichita Falls

Newschannel 6 has been trying to track down answers all day for some residents who say their dogs disappeared out of their backyard.

You alerted us to this issue on our facebook page and here is what we have turned up from Wichita Falls Police Department. They have three missing dog reports over a time span of three weeks, a total of five missing dogs.

Newschannel crews met with one of the women who filed a police report. Wendy Reams says she is missing three dogs all taken from her backyard.

Wendy Reams has been crying everyday since her three dogs disappeared. She has been without them now for just over a week. She showed Newschannel 6 crews her secure fence around her yard, which leads her to believe her dogs were taken.

Wendy Reams says, "These weren't protective dogs these were my pets. They are my children." Reams wakes up daily hoping she will find her dogs waiting at her front door. Fred, Reams only remaining dog misses his companions. Reams rescued all from the Humane Society when she worked there.  
She says, "I fell in love daily with a new dog. The ones I had I think more or less picked me because there was just a special bond I had with them."

Just over a week ago on a Sunday morning Wendy Reams says she followed her normal routine and let the dogs out in the backyard. She went inside for about thirty minutes. When she came out two of her dogs were gone, her two Pitbulls Zeus and Colby. The next morning her small  Pekinese Ghangas also disappeared. 

Reams comments, "It really just looked like somebody had opened the gate and told them come on let's go cause they are friendly. They were not the stereotype Pitbulls. They were the kind that would run up to you like, pet me hug me please."

Wendy Reams and her family hope if the dogs were taken their pleas will bring them home. Reams says, "Bring my babies home. I won't question you just bring them home. I just want them home."

The Wichita Falls Police Department tells Newschannel 6 only one of the cases can be confirmed as dog theft. WFPD says they have no reason to believe that all these cases are linked or that it is an organized effort.

Newschannel 6 also reached out to Wichita County Animal Services and officials say they have not received any dogs from those missing cases.

If you have any information for Wendy Reams you can contact her at (940) 337-7614.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6