Alleged Assault with a Bow Saw and Drug Bust

Police responded to a call September 18th for a an alleged assault at 2407 Jasper. When officers arrived, Christine Galen Allen told officers she was assaulted by Kelly Gene Payne with a bow saw. Allen was later transported to a hospital.

When officers arrived at 2407 Jasper, Payne was standing out front. Payne then went back into the home and exited the through the back. As he exited the back, he saw another officer and went back into the home.

Officers then coaxed Payne out of the home after 12 minuets and took him into custody. Payne then gave officers consent to search his home. During the search the officers allegedly found a purse with a white crystallized substance in a bag. The officers tested the substance and it tested positive for methamphetamine, weighing 15.6 grams. They also allegedly found digital scales, assorted baggies, $1,720 in cash in an envelope and $156 in loose bills in the purse.