East Side Asks for More Businesses

Anthony Patterson just opened his barber shop on the east side three weeks ago.

"The reason why I opened this barber shop in the first place was to listen to what people are saying.  They need some things on this side of town, like a barber shop a grocery store, you name it they need it here," says Patterson.

Anthony isn't the only one who sees the importance and necessity of bringing businesses to the east side.  Several residents shared that concern at the Mayor's Town Hall meeting last night, asking city leaders to find ways to bring better services and opportunities for local businesses to this part of town.

"Mostly the people were concerned about the businesses they want to know where have the businesses gone," says District 2 Councilor Annetta Pope-Dotson.

Councilor Annetta Pope-Dotson says what the people are asking for is basic.  "Residents are wanting a decent grocery store.  Somebody has mentioned to me in the past that they would like a decent place to go and get gas."

"If you live over here you probably have to go all the way to Walmart just to do simple grocery shopping when it would be convenient if you had something over here to do it and just like gas, gas prices are getting real high and you have to go across town just to fill your car up," says resident Carlos Moore.

Residents say they want a change and city leaders say they recognize the need.

"No one has tried to pick up the ball and go forth and try to find out why the businesses left, how to bring businesses back, so now we're here today standing in 2011 and the people are angry," says Councilor Pope-Dotson.

But instead of being angry, some like Anthony Patterson are trying to be the change that their community needs.

"So me being here is a stepping stone, so hopefully more people will say if he did it, lets go across the street, lets do this over here to make it even more better for the community," adds Patterson.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.