Quanah's Reagan Elementary is Tapping into the Technology World

One elementary school in Texoma is tapping a bit deeper into the technology world and making iPads accessible to all students.

Quanah's Reagan Elementary integrated the iPads a little over a year ago to give students the best tools for learning. Newschannel 6 got a special look at what they are doing.

Some teachers are leaving the laptops behind and keeping up with the ever so quickly evolving technology world. iPads have been integrated in every classroom at Reagan Elementary and the change proves to be working.    
One teacher comments, "Students are more attentive and more involved. It is not just sit and get anymore."

Ryan Turner, Principal at Reagan Elementary says the iPads have been a success since they have been introduced to teachers and students. He says the iPads can be used across all subjects for a wide variety of exercises and lessons, but most importantly for every type of student.

Turner comments, "With the number of autistic students in America on the rise and it has affected Quanah as well. There is a lot of apps out there that are helping to teach those students."

Special Ed educator Lisa Bagby uses the apps daily. She says, "If you have a child that needs work on fine motor skills who may not be able to use the key board, the iPad has apps that allows them to actually pinch things and work on all fine motor skills."

Principal Turner says their new approach to keeping the learning process active and engaging keeps all students and teachers very involved. "Kids think it is fun and they want to take more test and that's a benefit for us. The more excited the students can be about these iPads and about education in general and reading, the more successful they will be later on."

Reagan Elementary tells Newschannel 6 each iPad has about 70 different educational apps and each one is filtered. They say teachers monitor closely to make sure students are using the iPads appropriately.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6