Sheppard AFB Air Show A Success

After a number of high-flying tricks all the air craft from Sheppard's Air Show are grounded. The biennial event that draws tens of thousands was a big crowd pleaser. Sheppard AFB Public Affairs Mike McKito said over 40,000 people showed up to watch the air show.

With all eyes staring into the sunny sky attendees took in the sights of the flips and turns.

"Pretty awesome. Pretty neat," commented Billie Denton.

Some people came to enjoy the show more than once.

"We saw a little bit on Friday when they had the practicing," said attendee Monica Perez.

While others like Roger Robison traveled from Kansas to see the Canadian Snowbirds perform.

"It has been great. The weather has been tremendous, I couldn't ask for a better weekend I don't believe," said Robison.

"Two years ago we had lot of rain and this year we're selling frozen lemonade instead of hot chocolate so that's good for us," said Brad McDonald, 2011 Air Show Director.

He says they started planning one year ago for this weekend and the theme they chose:  Salute to Warriors.

"We're excited to show folks that let us into the air force today get an opportunity to show some planes that they probably worked or flew on," he said.

With vintage aircraft on display and acts like the Canadian Snowbirds and Aeroshell Aerobatic Team, it was a crowd pleasing event especially for the little ones

"The airplanes go fast," said one little boy.

Sheppard has the air show every other year and on years there is no show they host Freedom Fest.  Even though the public was openly welcomed to the event security measures were strictly in place all weekend as a precaution.

McKito said base leaders are all very happy with how smoothly everything went during the air show, with so many people on base.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.