Dylan Sheffield Wins Week 5 Player of the Week!

We had a spirited vote for our Week 5 Home Zone Player of the Week award.

Crowell's Caleb Matthews got a lot of support from his small home town after putting up big numbers in a game that ended at halftime with a 47-0 shutout over #2 Motley County.

But a late rally in our online voting swung the vote in favor of Wichita Falls High School's Dylan Sheffield, and his numbers speak for themselves.

Sheffield set a Texas high school record with 683 passing yards in the Coyotes' wild win over Denton high, also setting school records for touchdown passes (7) and completions (35).

He's also been named Player of the Week by several organizations at the state and national levels.

On Wednesday Newschannel 6 caught up with Dylan at Coyote Fieldhouse to present him with his award, which you can watch by clicking on the video link!