UPDATE: Chemical Plant Fire at Texas Recreation Corporation

Chemical clean up is finished at the Texas Recreation Corporation plant. A chemical fire started around 9 a.m. at the plant.

The Fire Marshal tells Newschannel 6 a mix of three different chemicals caught fire in a bag. That caused the fire alarms to go off, which led to the evacuation of the building.

Officials say a VAT container in one of their dip rooms was where the fire began.

Our crews on the scene say officers brought out employees belongings in plastic bags. Special crews from Fort Worth are coming in to clean up the chemicals.

The plant sustained minimal fire damage in the dip room.

HazMat crews sprayed foam on chemicals to help keep more chemicals from sparking and also to help contain vapors.

North Beverly was shut down temporarily but is now back open from Old Iowa Park Road to the middle of North Beverly.

Employees told us they were not allowed to speak on camera. They were all sent home for the day.

The Texas Recreation Corporation plant manufactures floatable items for pools, lakes, rivers, etc.. Items include floatable chairs and noodles.

The chemical plant will resume business as usual Tuesday morning. No one was hurt.