Byers ISD Running Out of Options

One Texoma school district is making some tough decisions.

Byers Independent School District needs to find a solution because dropping enrollment numbers means a permanent closure is near. With only 55 students attending Byers ISD and a canceled football squad, Byers is struggling to keep its hallways and classrooms full.

In a community meeting Tuesday night, parents and educators came together to try and figure out a way to save their school.

Newschannel 6 hit the streets of Byers today to get the community's reaction. We found out Byers IDS is just about out of options.

Byers ISD tells Newschannel 6 there was a discussion of a possible merger between Byers and Petrolia, but Petrolia leaders did not want to agree to use Byers facilities. So now unless Byers brings up its current enrollment they have no other options.

The district is also running out of days. By May if enrollment is not up to 90 plus students families will need to consider other options.

And one Byers parent, Joann Alexander says that will be a tough decision. "Parents that have kids in the school say it is a more difficult decision. They have to make the right decision for the child and where they need to go."

The change will not only affect parents. Byers Superintendent Kim Childs says 21 teachers and staff members will be out of a job. Something Alexander says she feels most bad about. "There are people out there that are going to lose their jobs if this school does shut down. The teachers and the students have become close so it makes it hard."

Childs says the school is not financially stable to handle another year. Despite Byers ISD not having anymore consolidation offers he is still staying optimistic for his students, staff, and community. Joann Alexander is trying to do the same.

Byers Superintendent Kim Childs says if enrollment is not up by May the city will hold an election so voters can decide the future of the ISD.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6