Library Reaching Out to Younger Generation Through eBooks

Technology is growing at a pace that some just can't keep up with. The Wichita Falls Public Library realizes that and is stepping up to the plate. Nearly two weeks ago the library began offering eBooks to Kindle users. Those who work at the library say this is a huge move. For years it had been offering audio books and eBooks to the public but now that collection is expanding to the world's best selling eReader, the Kindle.

Row after row and stacked high with books eager for a read. The library is now making room for even more and it doesn't require any shelf space. Collection Development Manager Andrew Jelen says $1,500 eBooks were bought for a purpose.

"It's service that people want and if there is some way that people would like to check out books from the library then we would like to do that," said Jelen.

He says it's simple. People can download any of the 1,500 eBooks from the library to their Nook, Sony Reader, and now Kindle through their website for free and you don't even have to make a trip to the library to do so.

"You can do it from home as long as you have your library card," said Jelen.

In the two weeks the library began offering eBooks for Kindle users they've already had 97 downloads.

Jennifer Norton visits the library weekly, she says there's a lot to gain from this new technology but also a lot to lose.

"You'll lose the benefit of the old book smell and when you walk into the library you know you're coming to learn something," she said.

Andrew Jelen agrees that it's not for everyone, but the younger generation is who they're trying to reach.

"We weren't reaching that segment of the population but now that we are able to check out eBooks, people that read all of their books on a digital device can still use the library."

Every month more eBooks will be added to the collection and there are no late fees. Once your time is up you can no longer access the book.

Library officials do warn that some popular books like The Help are in high demand so there may be a wait, that's why they suggest being open minded about your selection.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.