Byers Holds An Open House In Attempt To Save School

The community of Byers is desperately trying to save it's school.

Tuesday night school leaders and concerned parents and students got together for an Open House.
School leaders say the problem is with enrollment, and the fact that there are not enough kids to garner an independent school district.
Unless enrollment numbers rise, school leaders say the state will shut it down.

The open house was an effort to show the community what the school is up against and to hash out what kind of path needs to be followed from here on.
Petrolia residents were encouraged to take a look at the school.
School leaders in Byers would like to consolidate with Petrolia  and use facilities in both towns.
They say utilities are around $2,000 cheaper for the building in Byers.

Byers school leaders say the next step is to see if Petrolia will take a vote on the issue in May.
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