UPDATE: Former Archer City VFD Chief Expected To Turn Himself In

We are continuing Our coverage of the investigation of former archer city volunteer fire department chief.

Archer County Sheriff tells Newschannel 6 says if Scott Burkett does not turn himself in by October 19th, then they will start looking for him.

Staci Beesinger says his attorney has been talking with the District Attorney's office and say Burkett is supposed to return from rehab in Florida around the 15th.

An Archer County Grand Jury has delivered a 52-count indictment against Scott Burkett. Newschannel 6 is working to learn more about the charges, all of which are for theft.

The counts range from misdemeanor to felony. Investigators say Burkett stole money from donations meant for the VFD. The total amount is over $20,000 according to District Attorney Jack McGaughey.

The indictment is still sealed, the documents will not become public until the arrest warrant has been returned as served, according to the District Clerk. The DA's Office says Burkett is currently out of state, and has not been arrested. McGaughey says his Office has been in touch with Burkett's attorney and there is no reason to suspect he will not return to face the charges.

Newschannel 6 has reached out to the current Chief of the ACVFD for comment, messages have not been returned.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6