Patsy's House is Helping Heal Sexually Abused Children

Last year 254 sexual abused children walked through the doors of Patsy's House. Those numbers are just from Wichita County alone and only the reported cases. Patsy's House tells Newschannel 6 those numbers have not changed over the past three years.

Regardless of the number, daily they seek to help heal sexually abused children. 
Newschannel 6 is taking a closer look at how Patsy's House really helps and spoke with someone who has dealt with this issue.

Newschannel 6 sat down with one mother who says ten years ago her three year old daughter was sexually abused by her father. She tells us that even though the incident happened years ago it is still a daily struggle for her and her daughter. She says Patsy's House helped her learn how to trust and live again.

We are not revealing her identity out of respect for the family. Here is their story.

The victims mother tells us, "I would of have never ever guessed that he would do something like that to his daughter." This woman says her three year old daughter was sexually abused for nearly a year before she found out.

"Little by little it came out that there was a lot of inappropriate behavior going on with her dad. Then it turned out to be just full blow sexual abuse."

The medical examiner said her daughter had serious physical trauma. The emotional trauma of sexual abuse can last a life time. For this mother and daughter Patsy's House changed their lives.

"Patsy's House was so good because in that time in need, where I literally couldn't even stand up on my two feet because I was so much in shock.  They basically took my hand and led me through."

Patsy's House says in this case, like 85 percent of their cases, the child knew their abuser. They say as a parent it is critical you raise awareness with your own children.

Shannon May a Forensic Interviewer at Patsy's House says, "I think that is the hardest thing even for a parent to deal with, especially when it is a parent that lives in a home. For a  mom to ever consider that this could have been dad. What's important is just to have an open conversation with your children."

With every case Patsy's House hopes to restore some dignity with each victim. And that is just how this parent and her daughter have started to heal. They can now live knowing everything is going to be ok again.

The mother tells us, "Looking back through everything that Patsy's House did and helped her with counseling, getting her involved with different organizations, and just being around people that make her feel wanted. She is a normal child now."

Patsy's House representatives say their government funding will be decreasing next year. It could be by as much as $80,000.

For the month of October Patsy's House is trying to raise awareness for sexually abused children. If you would like to help Patsy's House it is really simple. You can just drive to either one of their locations in Wichita Falls or Bowie. 

Or you can contact Patsy's House at (940) 322 - 8890

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6