Archer City Pill Bust

Archer City Police have arrested a man they say had several types of prescription pills. Bobby Goodman, Jr. was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. ACPD Chief Joe Burton said Goodman had 70 Hydrocodone and 90 Valium tablets.

Burton said Goodman was a key supplier selling bulk pills to drug dealers in Archer City. after a lot of surveillance and intelligence gathering, "We were able to intercept a deal where we were able to make an arrest… It put a stop to one of our larger distributors of prescription pill being sold in our town… Amounts like this are usually sold and then the person that buys a large amount and will generally distribute them 2-3-4 pills at a time," he said.

Burton said many of those pills likely would have wound up in the hands of teenagers. "There's been a lot of teenage or kids basically abusing prescription that they've been able to get off the street," he said.

Parents in Archer City are worried about the problem, and glad action is being taken. It worries father Chris Southard. "That (kids are) going to get hooked on pills or drugs and not going to be able to get out of it. Its addictive," he said.

Southard has a message for those who would sell pills to young people. "They should wake up and see what they are actually doing to the young people," he said. Burton takes the message a step further, citing a zero tolerance policy shared between the PD and Archer County Sheriff's Office. "We are actively seeking out the people that are selling these prescription pills and we are going to be making arrests and prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6