Henrietta VFD Kicks Off Funds for Flames Campaign

A Texoma volunteer fire department is kicking off a bold campaign to raise $1,000,000. 

Newschannel 6 crews went to the Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department Friday to find out exactly what the money would pay for. They say their department needs the help now more than ever.

Fire Chief Mike Roberts says the department plans to renovate the 30 year old facility. They moved into the new station about a year ago and it is a much larger space than the last facility, but needs a lot of work.  

It is a bold move and some may call them visionaries, but the 28 men who make up the Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department feel it is the right decision.  Chief Roberts says, "This is something that we've always wanted. I've been in the fire department a long time and we've never had nothing this good. I think all my guys are real proud. That is why they work so hard and that is why our goal is to get it where everybody in the county could be proud of Henrietta."

The Henrietta VFD had to get an $80,000 loan to buy the new facility and crews spent another $30,000 for renovations, which they all did themselves. But there is more work to make this a state of the art facility and that will cost more than $100,000.

Chief Roberts says, "We've jumped a long ways to borrow all this money to take and finish this project up. Hopefully the big businesses will help us on this Funds for Flames campaign."

The Funds for Flames campaign hopes to raise $1,000,000 over the next three years.
These courageous volunteer firefighters will not let a struggling economy nor a drought stricken Texas get in their way.

"We're not stopping. This thing is something that all my firemen and me want to do. If it takes us having ten brisket dinners a year to help pay for this, we'll eventually get it done."

Fire Chief Mike Roberts says they are planning to mail more than 3,000 donation pamphlets across Texoma and the state in hopes to get larger donations.

The Funds for Flames campaign kicks off Saturday at 11am at the Henrietta Fire Station. There will be food, live music and more.

If you would like to donate money to help the Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department you can contact them at 940-781-4959

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6