Unemployment Outlook in Texoma

"Its been a long hard hall, it really has,"  says Arthur Johnson.

Arthur has been looking for work for the past three years, but he says that with the combination of injuries he suffered from a car accident and the declining job market he hasn't had any luck finding employment.

"Just about everywhere that's had a job fair I try to show up early with applications and waiting for call backs.  I've gone through numerous interviews and physicals for employment to no avail," he says.

And in these past three years he and his family have had to make significant adjustments.

"My wife has been great.  I've always taken care of her and she stepped up trying to do the same for me.  She's never had to go out there and hold down a job for very long and now she has to be the sole bread winner," Arthur explains.

He has looked everywhere turning in applications at temp agencies and employment centers across Texoma and looking to the newspaper for whatever opportunities were available.

"I event went about six months ago and ran an ad in the paper advertising that I was looking for work and it did get me some work.  Me and my wife sat there and mowed quite a few lawns and cleaned up some fence rows," he says.

But nothing has been permanent and he isn't alone.  Millions of Americans are jobless and even the increase of jobs the nation had in September hasn't even begun to make an impact.  And even an upcoming vote on a national jobs bill isn't giving people like Arthur much hope.

"It's not going to help much.  It's going to take a lot more than a jobs bill," he says.

Still he says he wont let this troubling job market discourage him.

"I'm just going to keep on looking.  I'm not giving up."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.