Rain a Relief for Texoma Ranchers

All the rain was certainly a relief for Texoma farmers and ranchers. Not only were streets overflowing with water, but so were stock tanks and cattle was also grazing land with green grass.

"We've waited a while and tested our patience a little bit but it was definitely worth waiting for," said Rancher Wade Bryant with Kerr Feed & Grain.

Bryant, a rancher out of Henrietta says this summer 6 of his 15 to 20 tanks were cleaned out.

"I looked at 5 of them today and 5 out of the 6 were completely full and running over the spillway," he said.

As an owner of a local feed shop he's seen the damage caused by the drought. Often learning through the course of the summer that several customers sold their cattle after not being able to keep up with demand, one of those was Shane Cody.

"It was somewhere along the July 4 holiday and it was looking pretty grim," said Cody. "This looked like a golf course out here and we just made a decision that it would be best to ship 'em and we did.

He says he doesn't regret the decision and will consider getting cattle again, but for the time being he's enjoying the sight.

"I have four tanks around the house and all of them are a full as I've seen them in a long time, it's a wonderful blessing."

"I'm sure a lot of ranchers can sleep well knowing that they won't have to haul water in the morning," said Bryant.

Both ranchers say the rain that filled their stock tanks should last through winter.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.