Farmers Welcome Rain

Layne Chapman couldn't have been happier to see rain pour over his fields.

"Truly excited.  It was a God-sent thing really.  I know Saturday morning it started raining and we received a couple of inches here at this place and I hate to say beggars cant be choosers, but I would really like some more," Layne said.

Layne says farming this year was so tough that big adjustments had to be made.

"With the on-going drought we've had to change our farming practices.  Generally this would have been a wheat field," says Layne.

But now it holds canola seeds freshly planted last week, an effort he made to try to grow something knowing wheat wouldn't have made it.  If you look closely you can see wheat kernel from last year that never sprouted due to the dry weather.  Layne says he knew the wheat would struggle through the heat and decided a few weeks ago to try something new and now that the rain has come it's making his situation even better.

"We've switched to no till and from that we can conserve our moisture and our other natural resources," he explains.

Bits of last years wheat almost covers this field leaving behind a bit of a mess, but he says it locks moisture down in the soil keeping the water from this weekend's rain around a little longer and giving his canola seeds the chance to grow.

"We have adequate moisture at the moment.  Last week it was hard to imagine that I would be standing in mud right now.  It's hard to imagine that I couldn't remember what a perfect rain felt like and maybe it has just the situation, but it was maybe one of the best feelings I've had,"  Layne says.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.