Texoma Gears Up For More Mosquitoes

One noticeable downside to the recent heavy rain is the comeback of one annoying little blood sucker.  Susan Morris with the Wichita Falls Wichita County Public Health District said the area and health district is gearing up for return of mosquitoes.  Morris said we can expect to see an increase in mosquitoes by about Wednesday.

"They wont hatch as fast, but they will hatch. The weather's going to be in the 80's, it's nice and the mosquitoes are out there and they're active. So we will need to take precautions." said Morris.

Morris is encouraging all residents to dump all stagnant bodies of water around their homes to help reduce the mosquito population.  If you see mosquitoes in your area you can also call the Health District and leave a message for them to come and inspect your area for an infestation.  The number to call is (940) 761-7800.